this coupledom:in thirty

inspired by another blog i thought i’d share 30 things about us in honor of the recent holiday.

1. we both got our undergrad at Iowa State University
2. we both have been certified as professionals in our respective fields.
3. we workout together 3-4 times a week.
4. we are each other’s best friend. 
5. she’s a dreamer, he’s a planner – we’re both realists.
6. she’s a morning person who loves to nap.
7. he’s a snooze until the last minute kind of guy.
8. we both turn our can tabs to the left – always have. 
9. he refers to salads as ‘leaves.’
10. she refers to sunglasses as ‘sunny g’s.’
11. he has to have at least 8 drink options in the fridge at all times – no joke.
12. we love to travel.
13. every year we try to attend a Braves game at a different field. 
14. he has a wild side.
15. she’s one of the few that’s ever seen it.
16. he picked her engagement ring all by himself. 
17. we write love notes to each other on special occasions. 
18. we have both saved them all.
19. when the two of us play Sequence she wins (except that one time)
20. she gets hangry.
21. we know we want kids; that’s as far as we’ve really gotten.
22. he proposed on April Fool’s Day 2011.
23. he always pumps my gas.
24. she calls him Co J.
25. we solve most things via rock, paper, scissors.   

26. he sweetly enables her dependance.
27. we jump on beds in hotel rooms; everywhere we go no matter what.
28. she’s a terrible co-pilot.
29. we tell our puppy she’s a ‘good gurl’ regardless.
30. the first meal he every made her was spaghetti.