the most wonderful time of the year

this time of year always seems to fly by despite my best efforts to live in the moment.  with holiday parties, birthdays, and shopping it’s been a busy month.  it makes me appreciate what Christmas morning at my in-laws has to offer: an unapologetic easiness.  there’s no pressure to look good or even brush your teeth it’s just about getting downstairs to open gifts and eat breakfast as a family.  there’s no cooking or cleaning to be done, no work piling up, or places to go.  it’s that ability to relax that has me focused on soaking in every moment without forgetting the true meaning and the spirit that is Christmas on this, and every, Christmas.  

happy birthday Jesus! 

a winter’s nest: christmas time is here

pine cone decor, a roaring fire, holiday crafting, and something delectable in the oven – that’s what this past weekend was all about. 

i don’t know what it is this year but, i am all about christmas.  i simply can’t wait for it to get here!  most years I’m frantically running around buying last minute gifts (making a list but never checking it once or twice as the song goes), visiting the grocery store enough times that i’m on a first name basis with the clerks, and mindlessly traveling from one party to another in an airheaded christmas time fog – or maybe that’s the alcohol.  either way, by the time it’s over i’m exhausted and feel slighted.  not this year!

i’m on my game – all the gifts are wrapped, the tree is up, treats have been made, and our dates are set.   this year we can simply enjoy what this season has to offer; movie classics (national lampoon’s christmas vacation and home alone will never get old!), festive tunes, holiday parties, cheerful people, our family and friends, and of course the sweet, sweet treats.  which leads me to my reader gift.

a recipe!  this peanut butter bark is by far the best and oh so easy to make!  it’s that ‘won’t wanna share’ kind of deliciousness that makes me almost want to keep it a secret.  enjoy!

merry christmas!!!

all i want for christmas : my wishlist

this year i had a hard time coming up with a Christmas list.  in fact, that’s a first.  if i may be so bold, i typically have a running list of items i’d like to have but won’t break down and buy. not this year.  i simply don’t need anything and what i want is what i have – for the most part. after racking my brain here’s the list.  maybe it’ll give you some ideas too.

when people ask for lists i want to be able to give them ideas that are at a reasonable price point but most of my wants these days are for bigger purchases like chairs for our newly refinished dining table or a new dishwasher that doesn’t sound like it’s preparing to take flight every time we start a load.  i thought long and hard and these are the things that made the list. 

some monogrammed sunny g’s – LOVE! ($35) available here:
a canvas weekender ($95) available at:
a black puffer vest ($120) – why have i not just bought one?! available at:
aveeno lotion – because you can’t ever have enough ($8) available at: any drugstore, Target, Wal-Mart
slippers – i personally like this moccasin style – these are outrageously overpriced but, available at:
compression socks- i’ve been telling Cody i’m ‘bad ass’ since the marathon so these are absolutely hilarious to me ($10) available at:
and finally, a crockpot – the domestic goddess in me is sad that mine broke ($20 -$40) available at: Target or Wal-Mart