all i want for christmas : my wishlist

this year i had a hard time coming up with a Christmas list.  in fact, that’s a first.  if i may be so bold, i typically have a running list of items i’d like to have but won’t break down and buy. not this year.  i simply don’t need anything and what i want is what i have – for the most part. after racking my brain here’s the list.  maybe it’ll give you some ideas too.

when people ask for lists i want to be able to give them ideas that are at a reasonable price point but most of my wants these days are for bigger purchases like chairs for our newly refinished dining table or a new dishwasher that doesn’t sound like it’s preparing to take flight every time we start a load.  i thought long and hard and these are the things that made the list. 

some monogrammed sunny g’s – LOVE! ($35) available here:
a canvas weekender ($95) available at:
a black puffer vest ($120) – why have i not just bought one?! available at:
aveeno lotion – because you can’t ever have enough ($8) available at: any drugstore, Target, Wal-Mart
slippers – i personally like this moccasin style – these are outrageously overpriced but, available at:
compression socks- i’ve been telling Cody i’m ‘bad ass’ since the marathon so these are absolutely hilarious to me ($10) available at:
and finally, a crockpot – the domestic goddess in me is sad that mine broke ($20 -$40) available at: Target or Wal-Mart

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