what i’m into: right this minute

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve come across things that i just can’t live without and find myself wanting to shout how great they are from the rooftop.  starting this month i’ve decided to introduce a series of what i’m into ‘right this minute’ – because it’s fun, oh so girly, and honestly it just feels right to share the goods with you! 

it’s mystifying that something so good has no calories! 
the bachelor!  i can’t seem to get enough of Chris and that drama.

these skinny color block pants – i needed a new twist on black

it’s true – i have the fever.  it’s winter.  we’re bored.  enough said.

baby it’s cold outside

my easy-going (and beautifully pregnant) friend nicole is into colorful prints and girly frills which is why knowing that she’s going to have a little girl just makes sense.  she’ll make such a great mommy!  this past weekend, to celebrate this new beginning a couple other girlfriends and i hosted a shower in her honor.

since it’s winter it only seemed natural to play on the frigid temps (although it ended up being 50 degrees on saturday) and make the theme ‘baby it’s cold outside’.  we kept the accents pink, asked guests to bring books with personalized messages in lieu of cards, we created a hot chocolate bar, and ordered cookies instead of cake (at her request).  the mood was light and the house was warm.  it was a perfect afternoon and i’m humbled that i was a part of it all.  cody and nicole are going to be phenomenal parents!

here are some pictures.  enjoy!

spontaneous weekend

every once in awhile i have a weekend that leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to start another week – this past weekend was one of those. usually on those weekends you can find me vegging out on the couch watching plant earth and eating junk but, this past weekend was different. instead i was spontaneous (gasp!).

i’m a planner. and when i don’t have a plan i’m literally making a plan to find time to make my plan. i have an obsession with creating lists and getting things done. it energizes me but, boy can it be exhausting! so this past weekend, with no list or plan in mind, i went to happy hour with some colleagues and the rest is history.

after a super fun friday night and a day of being completely useless i actually had more energy to work through the things i needed to get done on sunday which left time for me to go on a movie date with my husband. that’s not to say my list was ever that short instead diverting from getting stuff done forced me to concentrate on what really mattered and not just the number of items i got checked off.

i know i can’t be so carefree and spontaneous all of the time but letting go of the reins every now and then certainly does have its advantages!

monochrome monogram : here’s how

it’s no secret that i love all things monogram – journals, clothes, accessories, EVERYTHING.  this past weekend i took that love to the wall and made this pinterest inspired pretty.  it will look fantastic in our bedroom (someday) and the best part was is cost me a whole $10 to make and about 30 minutes of my time.  want to know how? read on.


wood monogram (no more than half an inch thick)
blank canvas
acrylic paint
foam brush
spray adhesive

step 1) order a wood monogram.  mine was a gift therefore it cost zero dollars – can’t be that.  you can order one similar here just be sure not to order a monogram that is thicker than half an inch or it may not adhere to the canvas.
step 2) paint the monogram and the canvas.  here’s where you can get creative but, i personally liked the white-on-white.
step 3) measure your canvas and create guides for placing the monogram.  i wanted mine more toward the top but, in the middle.
step 4) spray the adhesive until tacky using several thin coats then let dry about 20 seconds.
step 5) adhere to the canvas and let try.

that’s it!  
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holiday detox: 4 for 30

it’s time to get serious!  i’ve been eating like crap for far too long and the last month of indulgent, rich holiday goodies didn’t help my situation.  in fact since I ran the marathon last October i’ve been eating without abandon – ravishing my cupboards at night and saying ‘yes’ to office treats and afternoon latte breaks.  sure all those sugary drinks, pizza slices and oreos were tasty but after the high wears off i’m left feeling bloated and tired.  sexy. not!!!! 

i need to get back on track and a diet mt. dew is NOT the answer.  i need to do something that will inspire and motivate me.  i need accountability and whatever i do has to be realistic.  i do not do spinach or kale!  so here’s the plan:

1) commit to 30 days of visual accountability.  for the next 30 days i’ll chronicle my healthy choices and progress through pictures on my insta account (srsobo) to keep me accountable and motivated. it’ll be a visual reminder that it’s possible to make fit happen on the daily.  

2) (more often than not) make the healthy choice in spite of temptation.  whole wheat english muffin & peanut butter vs. cereal; apple vs. kit kat; sleep vs. the bachelor; water vs. pop; workout vs. online shopping – you get the idea.

3) do what works.  for me, flexibility works.  self-control works.  eating from a strict paleo diet or following a rigid workout regimen isn’t realistic for my lifestyle but that doesn’t mean i can’t commit to eating cleaner more frequently or staying active on a daily basis.  it’s about accommodating life so that whatever you do is sustainable long term.

4) change my mind.  if i’ve learned anything in my 29 years of life it’s that your mindset can make or break your resolve.   for the next 30 days i’d rather not waste energy bitching.  i’ll (try to) stay positive although there may be days…

hopefully at the end of this 30 day experiment i’ll have made healthy a habit again. 

simplicity is bliss – i love this 4 for 30 below: 

let’s make 2015 the best year yet : printable included

as we’ve done for the past couple of years Cody and I kicked off the new year with a ‘date day’; shopping the stores where we received gift cards for Christmas, watching a movie, and then eating at the Cheesecake Factory.  it’s one of the days I look forward to most every year.  in what started as a play on new year’s resolution mockery a few years back, last year we actually put pen to paper and jotted down our ambitions in a few key areas (relationships, work, finances, etc.) over dinner.  I thought the exercise would keep us ‘rowing in the same direction’ and was excited to open the envelope and see what we had accomplished in 2014. 

talk about disappointing!  what we found was that we failed.  yep, failed.  on the whole we really sucked it up.  and actually, after reading each of the colossal goals I wanted to get, not one but, three pieces of fattening, indulgent cheesecake just to drown my vague ‘eat better’ goal sorrows.  honestly, it’s not that we didn’t meet some of the goals there were just too many with no clear action items or steps to measure our progress.  I really envisioned it differently.  I pictured us giving ourselves a big ‘ole pat on the back for all that we had accomplished.  it’s clear i was delusional.  i mean, who creates two pages of goals and never looks back at them?!? duh!

not this year.  nope this year we are doing what any sane person would do when they realize they set lofty goals met with only marginal fulfillment or none at all – we lowered our standards.  we penned a new list, limited it to one page, and then devoured our cheesecake.  this year we’ll keep our goals front and center and revisit them periodically and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to check most off by the end of 2015 making this the.best.year.yet!!

if you’re interested in creating goals of your own for the new year i’ve attached the printable i created for cody and I. 

until next time.

two thousand fourteen

jam packed! that’s the best way to describe 2014.  it was a tremendously busy, fun and adventurous year.  maybe my favorite so far! it’s probably best told through pictures.  dec. 31 was most definitely bittersweet.  and although i’m eagerly anticipating 2015 the excitement that comes with the new year is much more subdued than in years past.  that’s intentional.  after several whirlwind years of exciting new experiences, a wedding, moves, trips, physical exhaustion, and just plain ‘busy’  i plan to make this the year of welcome reprieve.  thank you 2014 for being so freakin’ awesome!  

happy new year friends!