disney dreams…and lies

work took me to orlando this past week for a conference (rough, i know!) and the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect.  once i committed to going, cody and I decided early on that we’d extend my stay, he’d join me, and we’d make it a vacation.  as we do for any trip we researched the location and determined what it was that we wanted to do while we were there.  while the tentative itinerary had changed one constant remained, a day trip to disney world.  as far as i’m concerned you’re never too old! (cody could take it or leave it.) on thursday he and i ventured around magic kingdom, in the hot hot heat before heading west to cocoa beach for the rest of the week.   

it had to be 120 degrees in that costume!
he’s going to kill me for publishing this but, i made him take a
picture with me and my favorite disney princess
the place really is incredible!  and after this particular visit it will forever hold a special place in our hearts because it’s the place we chose to capture the moment below and share it with all of our friends and family.

that’s right – we’re expecting!!!

so while we dreamed all vacation long of the things we want and need to do for this new life i must also fess up to some little white lies.  1) i have not been drinking…more than that 1 glass of wine on girls day; 2) in case you were wondering, heather is not expecting (long story); 3) working out has unfortunately been hit or miss; and 4) yes, that was my vomit outside of the café.  in between constant nausea and exhaustion this vacation was truly a welcome treat and a great way to announce our pregnancy and conclude the first trimester.

i look forward to sharing more about our pregnancy journey in the coming weeks but, for now it’s just so exciting to finally share the news!!  

an accountable wife: an accountable life

darn!  we’re on a budget.  (ok, truth is we’ve actually been ‘on a budget’ for months however i just started legitimately complying.)  

this is seriously the first time since i started working a big-girl gig that i’ve really committed to a budget – and it sucks!  sure, it’s got it’s (long-term) perks now that we’re putting my frivolous spending dough to good use in our retirement and savings accounts I simply can’t get over my want to want things.  if this whole budget thing is teaching me anything it’s that i have to be more accountable to myself andmy husband.  after all, a lack of accountability creates dysfunction. 

in fact, accountability is a key to any relationship – your relationship with money, your spouse, your co-workers, your family, – yourself.  so why am i so good at being accountable at work but not at home?! well honestly, i think it’s because i’ve fallen prey to an entitlist, ‘gotta have it now’ mentality.  telling myself: “well they have that, why can’t i?” or  “i work hard, i deserve nice things.” or “ i make descent money, i can buy that.”  entice me with something and i’ll justify it until the sun goes down.  it’s an art and i’ve mastered the craft.

so what does this kind of accountability mean exactly? well it means more than just holding myself to a set standard or expectation.  it means i’m happier, less stressed and a better partner.  

here’s what i’ve learned through this process:  true accountability is about changing your mind set and holding everyone to a similar standard.  at work this means a functional team that’s not afraid to call each other out for not carrying their weight or owning up to a mistake.  at home it means having honest conversations and coming through on commitments.  it’s not just lip service if you’re holding others and yourself accountable.  the results will speak for themselves and when they do you better believe that everything else will ride on them – your credibility, your ability to be trusted, your image, and in a sense, your worth. 

good bye to my free-for-all way of life! 

my main {street} girls

there’s nothing I appreciate more than a carefree, fun day with good friends at this juncture in my life.  naturally, after a cold winter and months of hibernation, a little girl time was in order.  although a full day can be hard to manage these days i’m thankful for any adult only time i can get with my friends.  this time we chose main street in ames.

photo cred to ISU – isn’t it such a cute main street?!
since college i’ve wanted to spend hours walking main street.  it’s every bit a perfect, nostalgic main street with quaint little specialty shops, boutiques, and tasty little confection.  despite some ominous clouds and an equally worrisome forecast the weather on saturday was seasonably warm with no rain to be had.  we spent several hours shopping the stores, eating, talking, and eating some more before ending our day at the Della Viti wine bar. 

cupcake emporium monster cookie cupcake heaven
nicole’s new friend

at della viti

right this minute

these spring blooms

i’m thrilled that spring (and the weather that comes with it) is finally here!  now that it’s getting nicer and i’m outside more often than in i have gotten a little lax about writing.  this month here are the things i’m loving.  

blue lens ray bans – they make any day seem sun shiny!

’tis the season – strawberry season…now if only i could grow my own
my best kept secret – the huffington post mobile!