over the weekend cody and i decided to go watch jurassic world. we’d both been anticipating its release since last may when we were vacationing in kaua’i where the film was shot.  in fact, crews were filming over much of the island while we were there!  it was pretty neat seeing the jurassic SUVs cruising around. 

i’m not sure why but i never blogged about that amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip.  watching the movie reminded me of what an incredible place it is and the true majesty of the landscape from its breathtaking waterfalls to its lush rolling green hills.  on one of the days we toured the island by helicopter; the movie’s portrayal of the island is spot on but to see it in person is unparalleled.  if any of you get the chance to visit i highly recommend spending the money to do this!  

thank you jurassic world for taking me back!!

right this minute

a wonderfully relaxing june arrived as a breath of fresh air after an incredibly busy may. we were able to get the boat out a few times, nightly walks became a ritual, and work even seemed to settle a bit.  june treated us well. 

and just like that the year is half over.  it’s true that as you age each year seems to go faster than the last.  although it’s cruising by i can’t help but want it go a little quicker. 😉 before it does i’m enjoying some of summer’s simple pleasures – colorful blooms, fresh produce, warm weather, sweet sunshine.  

bring on july!

summer’s toe polish rotation
 ‘she’s pampered’, ‘sunday funday’, ‘too hot pink to hold ’em’, ‘rock at the top’

no fuss boat hair = dirty hair + top knot + forever21 headband
garden fresh tomatoes….next year i WILL have my own plants
because mom was here and we couldn’t help ourselves

summer bucket list

despite my best of intentions i feel like i’m behind in crafting our summer 2015 bucket list even though summer doesn’t officially start for a another week.  i’d blame it on the weather but it’s been pretty wet…  now more than ever i’m committed to doing some fun things this summer before cody and i’s lives change in a big way.  nothing crazy here just some things i’d realistically like to do over the next couple months. 

1.  go on a hike
2.  visit the farmer’s market and eat whatever i want
3.  host a backyard bbq
4.  attend a concert – preferably outside 
5.  master a mocktail that leaves me feeling satisfied not cheated
6.  hang pictures in our master bedroom…it’s only been 2 years! 
7.  go on a progressive dinner date downtown
8.  finish reading ‘the happiest baby on the block’
9.  leave work early and go to the pool
10.  spend an entire day in bed 
11.  make a toy and treat ice block that allie can enjoy on an extra warm day
12.  take a one day photography class

pregnancy update: the first trimester

it’s true that most women know more about pregnancy, birth and babies by the time they’re in junior high than i do at 29.  my saving grace has been all of the other moms in my life, especially those that i am closest to who aren’t afraid to tell me like it is.  thank you…well kind of. 

all-in-all the reality of the first 13 weeks of pregnancy was hardly what i expected.   Iihave been elated sure, but have felt stronger feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and annoyance than anything else.  sorry baby sobo!   i’m assured these feelings (along with the nausea and vomiting) will ease.  we shall see.

  • is this real?  then I wake up sick and am quickly reminded that, yes, this is real.
  • motherhood expectations are high these days….i better be realistic. 
  • bloated, nauseous, exhausted
  • orange Juice
  • macaroni and cheese
  • popsicles
  • coffee
  • grilled chicken (occasionally)
daddy update:
  • assures me he’s excited
  • wants to name the baby ‘aleece friend’ (aka allie’s friend), rango or buschwacker.  all have been nixed.
  •  has gotten very good at giving me washcloths and water after i throw up.
living in:
  • nothing’s changed…yet
longing for:
  • more energy
  • a run longer than 4 miles
  • less frequent nausea

right this minute

what a difference a month makes.  just as i was hitting my stride with this blog pregnancy symptoms kicked in full force and i barely had enough energy to walk the dog – poor allie.  now that i’ve established more of a relaxed routine i can get back to writing.  aside from saltines and water here are the things that i was loving in may.

the nars cult favorite all-in-one makeup stick in orgasm – beach bag must have!
funny looking palm trees and the sweet sunshine
cody with my best friend’s babe – he’ll make such a good dad

nursery inspiration – i love everything about this