pregnancy update: 29 weeks

here we go third trimester!  

so much has happened in the past 4 weeks i feel like we’re moving at warp speeds in the pregnancy and work departments.  not only have i now been asked to track the baby’s movements, i’m meeting with the doctor every two weeks, my belly button has officially become an outie, and i’ve definitely started packing on the pounds.  up only 9 at my prior appointment i have now gained a total of 14.5 pounds – that’s a 5.5 pound increase in 1 month!  no wonder i’ve experienced my first of what will probably be many swollen ankle moments.  there’s a part of me that wants to give carson a high-five and say ‘keep growing little guy, as long as you’re healthy i don’t mind! we’ve got this.’

on the work front my six-month promotional review is coming up (although i’ve been assured there are no concerns), another team member has resigned (leaving me with even more responsibility) and cody has been putting in long hours on his combine (which is now in the field!!!!!).  the pay off for all of this i’m sure will be worth it but the past couple of weeks have been a tad overwhelming!

aside from these changes and challenges we’ve continued working on our pre-baby to-do list.  a few of the bigger things we accomplished included starting on carson’s nursery – with any luck we will have it finished by the next pregnancy post –we are now registered for a birthing/labor class, we’ve taken maternity photos and i also had my first baby shower.  

the countdown is on! here’s what else:

very pregnant– i feel like my belly grows by the day!
tired – between leg cramps and bathrooms visits throughout the night my quality of sleep has seriously deteriorated.
baby kicks – and jabs, and rolls. 🙂 carson moves all the time at all hours of the day and night. i have a feeling he’s going to be a little busy body.

water!!!  i get ridiculously thirsty.  

aside from that, nothing in particular although i’d rather eat junk than the healthy stuff i keep buying.  needless to say we’ve continued to order a pizza every week and i’ve been indulging in some pumpkin flavored goodies.  again, cody is hopeful this keeps up for the long term.

finally i feel like i can eat whatever i want without getting nauseous.  it’s a great feeling! but….i still get nauseous, i’m just not sure it’s anything specific that causes it.

daddy update: 
not a whole lot here although i do have a funny story.  

the other night, i was complaining that my back hurt, my feet were swollen and that i had a baby in my ribs. cody laughed and said ‘we have the same injuries hun.’  this cracked me up…because it was true!  during that same week cody had reinjured a previously dislocated rib, rolled his ankle and was suffering from lower back pain.  aside from the belly, and baby flutters, i guess he got a little dose of pregnancy woe.   

living in:
all out maternity clothing!  call me weird but i’m excited about it.  the clothes are far more comfortable and knowing that i’m out of the awkward in-between stage means i can actually feel adequately dressed again. 

i should also mention that I’m looking forward to dressing this bump for the fall. (it’s got to be better to layer up with accessories and sweaters than to try to find singular cool pieces that transition well between weekend and work.)

longing for:
a run!  the other day i nearly teared up when i left the gym as i overheard other women talk about their running group plans for the next day.  seriously hormones?!  truth is, when you can’t do something you love it stinks.  only a few more months and I’ll be slogging with the best of ‘em. 

a lazy weekend at home –  i’ll steal this line from my friend, katie, ‘i feel like i’ve been running to stay in place.’  we’ve had lots going on. 

and now more maternity photos courtesy of allison knox photography!! 

a garden party baby shower

a most perfect floral centerpiece
i’ve been a girly-girl since my best friend introduced me to eye shadow in the seventh grade.  that same best friend knows who i am at my very core and ever so perfectly threw a garden party themed baby shower in my honor over the past weekend.  her ability to marry such a feminine theme with the fact that i’m going to be the mother of a little boy blew me away!  every detail was considered from the mint accents rights down to the greek yogurt chicken salad flower cups. 

despite busy schedules and a perfect late summer day several came or sent their well wishes and gifts in the week prior.  the continued love and support from these people in our life and in the life that we are creating is appreciated beyond measure.  we were and continue to be completely humbled! 

a cake of my favorite flavors: lemon and white (yes, i’m a vanilla girl)
my mom made this adorable diaper 4-wheeler cake – complete with a ‘carson’ license plate 🙂 

my best friend’s adorable son in a floral headband – he’s such a ham!

rachel captured all of the gifts including her own – she made us a baseball blanket and got us pp tee pees, among other things
brandea even made it!  we’ll get her thumbprint in december 

don’t mind the funny face – this gift, a braves fan onsie, from my girlfriend makenzie is just so perfect!  i can’t wait to get carson in it and take him to a game next summer – it’s never too early to start!!   

with the grandmas 

my beautiful hostesses and best friends 

meanwhile at home…..allie was in heaven with all of the new ‘chew toys’

three years

as of tomorrow cody and i will have been married for three years.  it’s hard to believe!  although the day’s memories become fainter with each passing year it honestly doesn’t feel like much time has passed.  to commemorate this year’s anniversary i’m borrowing this from another blogger and sharing the answers we each gave separately to a few questions about our relationship.

1. what singular moment from our wedding day sticks out, three years later?

ss – you’d think it would be a sweet, sentimental moment between cody and i but, honestly every time i hear ‘big girls don’t cry’ by fergie i crack up.  watching my new husband karaoke to that song with his best friend and a couple of other adult males at the end of our wedding day still puts a smile on my face.  i love that i have a man who is multi-dimensional. 😉 
cs- i remember sitting in the sanctuary prior to the ceremony, along with my future wife, sharing our commitment letters with one another.  specifically, i remember the feeling i had in that moment.  of course i was nervous and excited, but i also felt uniquely at peace with my decision to commit the rest of my life to her.  i knew i had made the best decision of my life. 

2. what do you admire most about each other, today?

ss – it’s still his perseverance and drive.  he gives everything his all and is the kind of person i’d like to be most days – at work and at home.  he’s not perfect though i’ve got to say he’s pretty darn close. 

cs – i admire her charisma, social intuition and ability to connect with others, her professional drive, love of family, beauty, her loyalty and support, taste and style, energy and work ethic, complementing intellect and her commitment to better herself and us.

3. what drives you crazy?

ss – that he leaves some of his dirty clothes, balled up on a shelf in our closet and….that we don’t communicate a whole lot or even at all monday through friday, 8-5.  

cs – when she downloads all of her files onto the desktop.  and her false alarms while backseat driving. 

4. how do you keep the romance alive?

ss – truth is, i love experiences so i plan activities to help keep us connected whether its a weekend getaway or a sporting event or something else.  we also make a point to kiss and snuggle every morning and when the mood strikes we leave each other post-it style love notes. 

cs – if the budget allows we try to take  trip together once a year in addition to several smaller weekend trips.  the one-on-one time, away from home and work, always seems to revive and build our connection.

5. what is your favorite shared tradition?

ss – every anniversary and birthday we write each other a letter.  i have kept every on and so has he. 

cs – we always try to make it home for the thanksgiving and christmas holidays.  it is generally a very busy but special time for us to connect with many of our mutual friends and family.  we always leave feeling blessed and appreciating the people and lifestyle that has made us who we are. 

6.  in the past three years what’s been the highlight of your marriage? 

ss- without a doubt it’s been expecting a baby and getting little allie!

cs – i have enjoyed the process of buying a home and slowly making it our own.  the trips we have taken and things we have experienced together.  the addition of our dog and of course our soon to be son.  sharing these things, things that are uniquely ours, are certainly a highlight. 

a labor day tradition

the sign of a good weekend is how tired you are when its over. labor day weekend – check! and check!!  

not only is the weekend jam packed in an all-out effort to cram in every last bit of summer possible, we’ve made it our tradition to spend a good portion of it back home at the annual labor day weekend celebration.  in true fashion when the weather’s nice we spend the first day (or two – if we extend it over four) on the water and then pack up quick to be home by sunday morning.  between competitive basketball tournaments, tractor and truck pulling, watermelon, heat, family, and fireworks we leave monday afternoon feeling completely wiped out. 

a braid, wavy hair, and sunny gs were my remedy for looking decent in the hot, hot heat
with a little one on the way i’ve given quite a bit of thought to the traditions that matter and how we’ll experience them once our lives change come later this year.  labor day has become one of my favorite seasonal traditions.  before meeting my husband it was just another weekend.  since that time it’s been such a prominent event on our annual calendar.  i love it!  entertainment aside it’s the fact that we’ve grown accustomed to spending the entire weekend together with both sides of my husband’s family, and even some of mine, that makes me swell with happiness and excitement each year.  this is one tradition we’ll keep around for many more years!

three-on-three basketball tourney 
it may have been cody’s last – that’s one fat ankle! 😉 
cody’s grandpa brings a truck load each year to share with the community
pulling moe – another win for the books 
labor day parade 

retro sneaks saturday morning

these new balance retro sneakers are my new favorite shoe

since finding out we were expecting there have maybe been three weekends where we haven’t had any plans.  this past weekend was one of those.  naturally we made the most of it.

true to form i have concocted a list of various places around the area that i’d like to visit and explore but am careful about not injecting them into our schedules at every chance.  on occasion when i get the nod we cross something else off my list.  since cody had sweetly suggested we do whatever i want given the menacing weather it was coffee at the ritual cafe, a tour of the pappajohn sculpture park in downtown followed by brunch at the royal mile where we met up with friends.