baby’s first easter

it makes sense that before you have a baby you venture a conversation or two about family traditions. in fact, i’d recommend it. 

celebrating holidays with a tiny human of our own has forced these conversations and over the past month got cody and i talking about how the other celebrated this particularly sacred holiday.  turns out, everyone celebrates a little differently!
(ok, i’m really not that close-minded.)

the conversation started when as i was scrolling pottery barn looking for the perfect easter basket.   you’d think getting an easter basket would be a non-issue.  but, cody didn’t have easter baskets (or remember having them) when he was little.  i did.  cody hunted for goodies, not just eggs with both sides of his family.  i did not.  cody went to church on easter morning and overate that afternoon.  i did too.  and so goes the fun task of blending various family traditions.

despite the chilly weather carson’s first easter was one to remember.  it all started with a dinner at my mom’s on saturday afternoon and was followed by a sunday full of family, candy, Jesus, and more candy.  good thing easter and halloween are so far apart!

we started our day at 5:45 am.  carson clearly wanted to meet the easter bunny (see below) but i assured him that the bunny wouldn’t come until at least 6:30 am.  clearly he didn’t care. 

‘oh my goodness – it’s easter!’

 after second breakfast carson was dressed, loaded and headed for church.  after chuch (and pictures) he took a 40 minute catnap before waking and diving into his basket.  at some point later we made it to the floor for play time with cousin caleb before the egg hunt and road trip home.  he was most definitely a tired boy and slept the whole way, only waking up once. 

it was a glorious holiday weekend and one that made me especially thankful for all of my blessings.  

reading an easter book with mamaw lori
playing with caleb -he was definitely interested in keeping you entertained! 

notice the near empty basket….mom gave up on the hunt – it was windy! 
our pastel little family 

carson taylor: five months

when people told me that you’d grow up fast that was an understatement.  
you are already five months old!  very early on i remember wishing you’d grow and grow.  i wanted to take you home and snuggle you up.  iwanted to take you out and show you off.  i needed you to grow and get strong.  these days i am torn.  i know there is so much more i want you to experience and do so while i want you to grow, grow, grow i find myself tearing up when i think about how fast it’s going.  someday you won’t find me as amusing.  someday you’ll have your own things going.  until then, you take your time.  mommy is loving every stage!

march has treated you well.  sprinkled with warm days and sunshine it’s been a welcome reprieve from february which was plagued with cold, colds and respiratory infections. 
you are all baby!  it’s crazy to think about how much has changed in just a few short months.  you feed much quicker, you have personality, and we are finally at a point where we can get out and do things and it doesn’t seem like (too) much of a chore.  the coming months will be busy with weddings, boating, and mini-vacays so knowing we are at this point is super exciting!  mommy and daddy love getting out and about-especially in the summer!  we are hoping you will too.

we’ve nicknamed you the ‘swaddle houdini’.  since the time we brought you home you’ve figured out a way to wriggle your hands free of your swaddle.  you love to hold them close, together on your chest, like a polite little man.  it makes us smile and is one of daddy’s favorites.  it literally cracks him up.  we’ve been experimenting with the sleep sack and over the next several weeks i’m guessing we’ll be finishing that transition. 
play time is now a thing and one that has you intrigued.  you roll from tummy to back consistently, reach for objects, clutch anything you can and inevitably bring it to your mouth.  you’ve started teething though (thankfully) to date it hasn’t been horrid.  i’ve heard tale of teething and am anticipating the worst.  orajel of all kinds is readily on hand, tylenol is in every diaper bag, and teethers are in the freezer.  i’d like to think we are as prepared as we can be – you’re close.  very, very close. 

last month i commented on your personality.  while you are still very contemplative it’s becoming evident that you’re taking after mommy and are most happy and content in the morning.  you wake consistently around 6:30 and often lay on our bed, propped on a pillow, while we get ready – happy as clam, watching the news and babbling awaywe dote on you in passing and are fortunate to experience so many giggles and smiles before we leave each day. 

you are also quite chatty!  you babble non-stop and are very expressive, often shrieking while ‘story-telling’.  it’s apparent that mommy and daddy are two of your favorite people.  despite your demeanor whenever you see us you instantly grin.  
we don’t take you back to the doctor until your 6 month appointment but, growth isn’t a concern.  by our guesses you are close to 15 pounds and officially out of 0-3 month clothes.  according to aunt rachel it’s time to move on to another wardrobe.  i’m definitely excited!  during my pregnancy i was drawn to summer clothes and couldn’t help but picturing you in cute short outfits on the boat, at the park or a baseball game.  that’ll be your jam this summer!  

this month you also tried banana for the first time and started rocking on your hands and knees.  while i think we are months away from crawling i find it fascinating that you are able to get your chunky parts moving so well.  you continue to amaze baby boy!

katie! i call this look ‘huds inspired’ – so cute! ;o) 
daddy’s version of baby wearing 

can’t touch but happy anyway 
funny moment of the month:  last month was a blur so i forgot this part of carson’s 4 month tidbits.  this month though we made up for it!  on more than 1 occasion in the last month you’ve had me in a panic in the middle of the night.  you, for reasons we’ll never know, slam your feet up and down in your swaddle at night.  some nights you must do it for hours because when i peek at the monitor i freak thinking that the swaddle is up over your head and rush to your crib only to find that you’ve done a full 180 and are sleeping contently (with your arms outnaturally). 

you also made a point to poo all over me, in the morning, before work last week.  i’ve honestly never been pooped on.  thank you, baby, for initiating me into this elite mom club.  you got a bath that morning.  and thought it was the best eva!  daddy has made this a running joke….

and finally, after making fun of five-point harnesses in your seats we have an appreciation for them.  turns out babies are far more mobile than we gave credit. 

typical dad: 1) take picture, 2) send picture, 3) get baby :o)

fu! daylight savings

most days i wake up on the ‘right’ side of the bed.   i’ve been an early, happy riser for as far back as i can remember.  waking up early to catch my cartoons, dad’s ‘concoction’ breakfasts, or alone time before everyone else started their day appealed to me.  now, as an adult (and mom) i savor the fact that mornings present the only time of day that is truly mine.  if Ii wake early enough i can go for a run, blog, or read – all without guilt of feeling like i should be doing something else, for someone else.  but, when daylight savings springs me forward i dread the week of transition.  not that i’m complaining about the additional evening sunlight– i just hate the fact that it’s so dang hard to wake up.  

below are the things i’m doing this week to give daylight savings the bird while managing to sustain myself on an acceptable amount of caffeine.

1.  go to sleep a little earlier – or when i’m actually tired.  i usually make myself stay up for awhile longer each night since i think 8:45 seems ridiculously early.  not this week.  nope this week i‘m going to bed in the 8s – #dontcare

2. set a fun alarmi’ve taken cody’s lead to set my alarm ringer to ain’t no mountain high enough (although it’s on vibrate 99% of the time) and have aptly named my alarms to get me out from under the covers.  

3. drink more coffee – duh! this goes without saying (but, i ‘said‘ it anyway).

4. plan ahead.  when i think about a couple of things that will get accomplished during the day i am motivated to take on the day.  i keep the list minimal though since getting weighed down by a monumental list of to-dos can have the opposite effect.

5.  channel my inner richard simmons. i can’t think of anyone else with more high octane energy or dedication!   if i think of richard, i’ll think of working out, and if i think of working out i’ll know that working out will put me in a good mood, which will make me think of richard, and when i think of richard,  – you get the idea.     

6. finally when all else fails (and it will) i’ll make minor routine adjustments. sleeping an extra 15 or going to work with a top knot more than once in a week won’t be the end of the world. 

happy birthday to my better half

marriage rarely finds two people strong at the same time. it is a husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other in the moments when the other feels weak.
~ ashley willis

i’ve never really thought that the ‘ups and downs’ that most people refer to in sentimental statements about their significant others really applied to us, until recently.

fortunately, cody and i have a fantastic relationship and until a few weeks ago had never really experienced what i would call a ‘down’ time.  we have been very fortunate in that regard though we’ve been dealt our fair share of challenges over the years – some public, others not so much. it’s all a matter of perspective i guess.   

i am a perpetual glass half full kind of gal.  however, since carson’s birth we have been handed a gigantic dose of reality and more challenges than i care to face at any one time.  after weeks in a hospital, thousands of dollars in vehicle repair, work responsibility beyond what’s reasonable, dog separation anxiety, and the demands of motherhood little things like our cable tv not working or constant carpooling were eating me up.  then when carson landed in the hospital for another week with bronchiolitis last month the weight of it all found me feeling the closest i’ve ever felt to being dejected and inconsolable.  

i felt as if it didn’t matter what i did iwas failing at keeping it all together (a big deal for my personality!). i felt defeated and that i was losing myself in the day-to-day.  i was drowning under some unreasonable expectation to ‘just keep swimming‘ – with a lipsticked smile, killer bod, a perfectly kept home, and dinner on the table by six each night.  i was increasingly anxious and irritable. i felt guilty for carson getting sick and like a terrible wife for not spending quality time with my husband when i fall asleep at 8:45 knowing that the evenings are now our only time to reconnect. 
 (nothing can prepare you for being a new mom.)

i can honestly say that the only reason i keep waking up each day with new resolve to make it a great one is because of my husband.  his love and support has been steadfast and his ability to step up to the plate as a dad and husband goes beyond what iever expected.  he was quick to remind me of the blessings we have and that we were so close to crossing yet another hurdle with each new challenge.  if it weren’t for him i am not sure i would be coming out of this past month with as much renewed energy.  through times like this i know our marriage will be strengthened as long as at least one of us is always willing to be the rock at any given time.  my other half is most definitely my better half.

just my way of saying thanks, babe! happy birthday! love you!


closet shopper : 6 steps to rehab my shopping addiction

  i haven’t been doing a lot of (clothes) shopping lately.  

becauseit’s time to rehab my addiction and pad my wallet again.  so…for the next several months i’m only going to ‘shop’ my closet.  except accessories – accessories are still on the table.  my husband is thrilled with this experiment and putting it out there now makes me more accountable.  

i’m not a fashionista by any means but clothing is a big part of my personality.  i love dressing up, flirting with new colors and trends and hunting for the perfect pieces at discount prices (yes, i own rag & bone and tory burch but, NO i did not pay full price – that’s ridic!).  it took me years to identify my style and understand the concept of quality vs. quantity.  now though, as a mom, i don’t have time to shop let alone the excess funds to make frequent high-end purchases; hello daycare and college savings! 

since i am most definitely NOT a sweats and t-shirt type of girl,  (even on weekends i try to coordinate my lounge clothes.) how will i do it?!  

1) i’ll need some pinterest inspo.

    2) i’ll identify my staple pieces and organize my closet accordingly.

     3) i’ll hold myself accountable by posting #ootd posts on Instagram periodically – if nothing else a few likes might make me feel more confident in something that i think is outdated.

  4) i‘ll get rid of anything that hasn’t been worn in the last 18 months. period!

     5) i’ll replace my hangers.  because fewer items hung on perfectly coordinated hangers will look more appealing. 

      6) i’ll make the time!