carson taylor: ten months


1-0, 10!  whoa!  double digits already?! all i can say is whoa!

this month was better than the last and the last was better than the one before it!  this baby, baby stage has to be my favorite!  watching you grow and change so much over the past month has been the best.  i can only imagine the joy i’ll experience as you continue to become your own person.

this month:

you became even more of a noise maker.

you experienced your first ear infection.

learned to say ‘mama’ and ‘dadda’.

started crawling!

poked through two teeth.

continued sensory play with muffin tins and and hair rollers at daycare.

chased allie, fed her puffs and ripped tufts of her fur out.

started to play games of ‘pick up’ from the high chair.

learned that the word ‘no’ has a different tone than all of the other words mommy and daddy say.

 mastered the stare.  when in public, at home and especially before bed.

as you continue to grow you continue to change.  you’re becoming your own little person and i’m amazed at how much you’ve already learned and by how much you’ve grown (not up though – nope you’re still 0% haha.)

your lovins from you look a little different now.  slobbers and raspberries, crawling to us and big hugs are all new.  in fact, i can’t do much of anything without you tugging on my pants or sitting by my feet.  you love to be held and placed in the carrier or your stroller so that you can explore the world around you.  you crawl everywhere and in what seemed like a night you went from 0 to 60.  there’s no place you can’t get to in our little apartment.




you continue to try new foods and no longer like peas.  surprise. surprise.  you’re a fan of the sweets and anything fruity is your fav.  you do a great job of eating mashed solids and your puffs but choked on a banana bite earlier this month.  we’ll stick to pureed foods and puffs until you’re at least…oh, i don’t know – 15.  okay?!

with two teeth on the bottom with no others in sight you wake once in the night and then are up at the crack of dawn until your early morning cat nap.  you sleep 2-2.5 hours a day and go to bed around 7.  you’re wearing size three diapers and 9 months duds.

speaking of teeth, daddy sings this song to you every night while brushing (his own musical creation…and he’ll probably kill me for writing about it.)

‘weeee arrrreee brushin’ our teeth!  brushin’ our teeth.  we are brushin’ our teeth.’

i can overhear it from the kitchen while i’m cleaning up dinner and it usually ends up trailing off into …

‘we are brushin’ our teeth.  not very well. actually pretty terrible but we are brushin’ our teeth.  oh no, you are chewing your brush.  ok, we’re done.’


i’m looking forward to celebrating fall with you – it’s my favorite season!  and i imagine it’ll be yours: our birthdays, halloween, football, thanksgiving.  it’s going to be awesome!

a few words about your personality before i wrap this post:

when you want picked up you fall on your tummy and in superman fashion look up and cry a little – what’s funny is that if, in the middle of a cry, you see something that catches your attention you get to all fours and go – faker! total faker!  (and it gets me every time!)

‘dancing’ now is by rocking on your bottom and moving your arms up and down.  whenever ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’ comes over the alarm or mommy and daddy say ‘yay!’ it’s on and it’s the cutest.

you have some serious ‘tude!  you’ve mastered the art of telling us what you DON’T want by throwing fits.  the night dad took the shampoo bottle away from you in the tub was one of the more memorable.

my favorite part of the day is picking you up from daycare.  before i was met with an ambivalent smile now you excitedly crawl over to meet me at the door as soon as i say your name.  you always smile when i kiss your cheek at the end of the day.

bath time is a favorite and splashes so much mommy and daddy have to hold a towel over ourselves to stay dry

in true fashion i’ve already started party planning and it’s incredibly bittersweet.  you’ll be a toddler before i know it and then off to college.  i’m not going to think about that now or wish the time away.

look at those teeth….and that happy little water baby
caught him ‘readying’



choosing to feed himself


first snowcone


playdate with e – the boys were very busy!  oh things to come, lib!
carson’s first selfie – haha.



funny moment of the month:  the daycare teachers tell us you are happy, talkative and active all.the.time.  and to be honest there has only been one day since april that i have picked you up in a fussy mood, so i guess i believe them.  you love interacting with the other babies and i often wonder what they make of your enthusiasm.  the other day when daddy picked you up there was a crying baby.  it was serious! the snot was flowing and the face was turning red.  yet you were happy as can be.  and to make matters worse, or better, depending on your perspective, you were babbling and screeching at the baby as if to say ‘what’s up?! isn’t life great!! ahhhh!!’  it’s just your nature but, according to daddy it looked like you were mocking the baby for having such a rough afternoon.

let’s be honest…


it’s time to get honest.  like really deep.  ok, not that deep.

since i started this blog i’ve had a number of people comment about how ‘perfect’ our family appears and occasionally i’ll get a #goals tag on my insta account.  while it makes me smile it also makes me feel like i’m not real.  like anybody,  i want to be perceived in a certain light but i’m not perfect and my life certainly isn’t perfect.  in fact i fear that at some point i’ll be unveiled as a fraud skating by on my good luck. it’s like that feeling you get when a cop is behind you.

don’t get me wrong i do have a beautiful life full of wonderful people and experiences but i need to share with you some of the ‘raw’ and unfiltered bits and pieces.  my guess is that your perception is not reality ;o)  here goes:

the opinions of others matter to me.   i’m more self-conscious than confident.

some of our pictures are staged – surprise!  i mean they come from genuine moments.  i’m just too slow to catch them so sometimes i ask for a reenactment.  obviously that’s not always possible with a dog and a baby on the go but my husband is usually a good sport.

carson rotates wear of the same 7 outfits to daycare.  why? because their easy, that’s why.

most of our pics are taken with an iphone and my husband gets annoyed whenever i ask ‘could you take picture?’ – i love pictures.

my best laid plans fall through more often than not….i’m getting better at rolling with it but it usually pisses me off.

my husband and i aren’t that affectionate monday – friday.  a kiss in the morning and always before bed but honestly we are just trying to survive the week most of the time. haha.

i listen to the eminem pandora channel at work, on fridays, just to make it through.
i darken my brows and wear false lashes.

i curse like a sailor.

our house is covered in dog hair 😦 i could vacuum 7 days a week and it’d still be covered.  it makes me feel dirty.

if you see a food post on here or insta it’s because i made an effort that day – posting pb&j is boring and frankly, cooking is a thing of the past.

postpartum depression – been there, done that.

seriously i suck at packing a diaper bag!  i always seem to be missing 1 critical thing – wipes, formula, toys….so annoying!

without makeup i look 12

i could probably go on and on.
i certainly don’t have it all together.

i cry, i get mad, and most days i’m covered in spit and snot and white dog hair.  i nag my husband, i get frustrated by the little things

but this life is the one that suits me best.  it’s the good, the bad and the unpredictable…

and i wouldn’t have it any other way!

one dress: three different looks

when you find that one piece of clothing that you reach for over and over again you know it’s a keeper.  and if you’re like me you’ll wish you had bought one in every color or three in the same.  in college i had a pair of cheetah flats from target that were my ‘go to’  these days it’s this black swing dress.

since i can’t wear jeans or dress casually at work i try to find items for my closet that can be easily transitioned from home to office and office to home.  other bloggers and fashion icons that i follow wear the cutest get-ups; rockin their distressed denim, graphic tees and sandals.  i simply can’t – unless it’s the weekend.  recently i’ve started to photograph my weekday wear on my insta account (srsobo) for this very reason – there isn’t enough out there for the fashionable and spend savvy working mom.  we need easy pieces that keep our parts covered and get us out of the house in 30 (ok more like 20) minutes.  also, i often forget what combos i put together and this will allow me to remember so that i can get out of the house in a flash while feeling put together.

the challenge though is finding pieces that make this possible. that’s why i just had to share this one!   perfect for work, date night or a day outing.  it’s incredibly soft and really great quality.  i’ve demonstrated a few looks below but the options are almost endless.

what are your favorite wardrobe pieces?



weekend recap

some weekends leave you feeling recharged while others leaving you wanting more.  this past weekend was the perfect blend of both.  equal parts productive yet relaxing.  i could use a few more like it in my life!

the weather wasn’t screaming ‘get your boat out fool! so we made plans to be home and stay in the area for the whole weekend.  saturday started with yoga in the park, something i’ve wanted to try for a couple of years now.  it’s free!  and somehow i talked cody into going with me.  it was a fantastic family affair.  while carson slept cody and i tried our hand at some of the moves.  surprisingly enough my husband really got into it.  afterward we ate donuts (because that’s what you do after you exercise, right?!) at cjs and then cruised over to select some samples for our house.  we made a pit stop at quiznos and then came home to binge watch the olympics and breaking bad.

sunday was even more chill.  late to the netflix game we enjoyed several more hours of breaking bad.  we walked the dog (TWICE!), went to church, played, and played, and played.  then i went for a run and made carson some food.  i really like making some of his baby food – there’s just something therapeutic about mincing food in a blender.

and that’s it.  our weekend.  snaps below.




after yoga we came home to this – apartment living has been hardest for little allie
i created a netflix channel for carson lol


a half completed project this mirror entertained carson for nearly an hour – he was cracking up at himself!
raspberries for the babe


he was not a fan of the kiwi and peas but LOVED the apples, bananas and avocado

baby shower: kate spade style

i’m going to be an auntie again!  and i couldn’t be more excited to welcome another niece!!  little does she know she’s already got a hold on my heart.  

saturday my sister-in-law, heather, and i hosted the momma-to-be, brandea, a shower in her honor.  and aside from a minor balloon fiasco it was a complete success.  

we celebrated with a kate spade themed shower and i’m thrilled with how it all turned out – even if most of my party supplies were tucked away in storage.  

as i do with any party i plan, i start with the invitation and go from there.  when i found these invites on etsy i knew there was no turning back.  black, white, gold and pink sums it up. i found perfectly striped paper table runners here and a few ideas on pinterest – naturally.  heather ordered the 34 inch gold ‘baby’ balloons from a local florist, i spray-painted all of the golf accents and we leveraged my mom’s mad skills for the floral arrangements. brandea’s mom brought a letter for us all to sign and picked up the cake.  it came together so perfectly and really without much fuss.  

we kept the food simple.  easy pastries and pre-made quiche cups, mini fruit pizzas (thanks mom!), and of course the most intricately made cake i’ve ever tasted.  orange and mint infused water, tea, coffee, and a small mimosa bar made for some serious sugar overload!  kate spade is all girly feels in my book and nothing says ‘girl’ like a mini world of pink, gold, and black dusted in sugar! 

while the momma-to-be opened gifts guests indulged.  then we broke for a quick game of ‘baby portrait’.  guests had 60 seconds to draw what baby rylie would look like upon arrival on an index card…held to their forehead.  the artistry was impressive for some!  brandea judged and chose five winners before returning to gifts.  winners were given opi nail polish and hair product. 

it took her a full 90 minutes to get through all of her gifts!  maybe she knows it, maybe not but that little mama and her little girl are so, so loved!